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Etan G's new album, Foundation, is here!!!

Welcome to the online home of Etan G and the South Side. Feel free to take a tour of the South Side, explore the different avenues, and immerse yourself in the Etan G experience!

Etan G's first album, "South Side Of The Synagogue", continues to spin in cd players, iPods and computers around the world. The music is still continually being downloaded from iTunes.

6 years ago we got the real estate on the "South Side". Now, 6 years later we are building the "Foundation". Etan G's new album, Foundation, is finally available! The wait has been painful and the clamoring of the fans has been deafening. Finally, the music, raw and powerful, is here to quench the thirst of all the fans of "South Side" and all the new fans that wanna help build the Foundation.

There is something for everyone, of all ages, on this album. Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, Rock, Metal, Soul and the smooth sounds of G are all here. Etan G explores new musical directions as the "Foundation" gets built here on the South Side.

Enjoy your time here in the world of G. It's a great place to be, a great place to come to and be a part of the music, the fun and to just be yourselves.

We welcome all your comments. There will be a forthcoming blog for all the fans to express themselves.

All love from the whole G Crew

Foundation is here!

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